Note: We recommend you use this page as a reference for your consultation with your doctor.

Medical Reviewing Editor: Ruchi Mathur, MD

1. Are my symptoms consistent with thyroid disease?

2. Could my symptoms be the result of anything else?

3. What investigations do I need to have performed to make a diagnosis?

4. How safe are these investigative tests and procedures?

5. What exactly is a thyroid biopsy, and how is it performed?

6. If I do have thyroid disease, how do we treat it?

7. If I need medications, what are the potential side effects?

8. If I need medication, is there any special way I should be taking it?

9. Do we need to monitor blood levels for thyroid function? If so, how often?

10. Is there a possibility my thyroid disease will require surgery?

MedicineNet Reminder: Establishing an accurate diagnosis is key to proper treatments. You are the most important person in this process by accurately describing to your doctor the character, location, duration, and time of onset of your symptoms. You should also inform your doctor about vitamins, herbs, and medications you are taking.