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Dec. 18, 2018 — Medscape Medical News has done a nonscientific online poll of doctors and other health care professionals about this year’s flu season and flu vaccine.

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The survey comes after an unidentified nurse was allegedly fired for refusing to get a flu vaccine, drawing the attention of protesters who supported what they said was a violation of her conscience protection rights.

In Missouri, Mercy Hospital South in St. Louis allegedly fired the nurse in November for refusing to comply with the hospital’s requirement that all employees be vaccinated for influenza, according to a Facebook posting by a colleague who organized the protest.

The news comes as the CDC recently reported that vaccination rates among health care workers have leveled off over the past 4 years at a meager 74% overall. Rates are highest — 95% — in workplaces that require vaccination. About two-thirds of hospitals require flu vaccination, according to a study published in June.

Here are the survey questions and results:

Question 1 of 3

Do you think influenza vaccination should be mandatory for all medical staff?

Yes: 53%

No: 41%

Unsure: 6%

Question 2 of 3

Does your practice/workplace setting require flu vaccination for all medical staff?

Yes: 52%

No: 43%

Unsure: 5%

Question 3 of 3

What is your plan for flu vaccination this year?

I have already been vaccinated: 73%

I have not yet been vaccinated but plan to be: 5%

I do not plan on being vaccinated: 20%

I am undecided: 2%

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