An Ohio teen went against his mother’s wishes and got vaccinated against the flu, hepatitis, tetanus and HPV.

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High school senior Ethan Lindenberger said his parents’ misguided anti-vaccine beliefs put him, and his younger siblings, at risk, CBS News reported.

In November, the 18-year-old went on the online message board Reddit to ask where he could get up to date with his vaccinations. “My parents are kind of stupid,” he wrote. “God knows how I’m still alive.”

Despite Lindenberger showing his parents scientific studies proving that vaccines were safe and effective, his mother remained unconvinced. Lindenberger got his vaccinations in December, CBS News reported.

There is no federal law requiring children to be immunized, but only seven states and Washington D.C. allow minors to get vaccinations without parental consent. At age 18, Lindenberger was old enough to get the vaccinations without his parents’ permission.

Lindenberger’s 16-year-old brother is now considering also getting his shots, but will have to wait until he’s older, CBS News reported.

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