A man in Sweden who was being treated for suspected Ebola infection does not have the deadly virus, doctors say.

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The patient was in the East African country of Burundi for about three weeks and returned to Sweden three weeks ago, according to Mikael Kohler, chief medical officer at Uppsala University Hospital. He said that the patient displayed potential symptoms of Ebola, including vomiting blood, upon arrival at the hospital.

As reported by CNN on Friday, Kohler said that the man had visited “mostly urban areas in Burundi, where there isn’t thought to be any active Ebola as far as we know.”

Burundi does share a border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, however, where an outbreak of deadly Ebola is ongoing.

But, “we have run several tests for the Ebola virus and other viruses and they have been negative,” Kohler said.

The patient, who is in isolation, “has become much better and stable and not bleeding anymore,” Kohler added.

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