Mick Jagger is recovering and in good health after his heart valve procedure.

The Rolling Stones frontman is being monitored for any complications that could occur, such as excess bleeding, sources told Billboard.

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Jagger underwent a minimally invasive procedure called transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Doctors accessed his heart valve using a catheter that was inserted through his femoral artery, avoiding the need to open Jagger’s chest.

The recovery time after the procedure is much shorter than after surgery, but Jagger has to rest for four to five days to permit the artery can heal, Billboard reported.

While he could be up and moving in a few days, he’ll need additional recovery time before returning to live performances.

The Stones had planned to start a North American tour in April, but postponed it so Jagger could have the procedure. The tour is now scheduled to begin in July, Billboard reported.

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