A Wisconsin man faces criminal charges after he broke a measles quarantine to go to the gym.

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Court documents show that Jeffery Murawski, 57, of Brookfield, was charged Feb. 22 with a misdemeanor count of willfully violating the recommendations of a local health officer or subjecting others to danger of contracting a communicable disease, NBC News reported.

His wife, Christine Bennett, 58, faces the same charge for allegedly helping her husband break his quarantine.

Murawski had been placed under quarantine in his home last spring by Waukesha County health officials. It’s alleged that he escaped his home by hiding inside a car driven by his wife, NBC News reported.

An off-duty sheriff’s deputy who knew of the quarantine order on Murawski saw him with a gym bag walking down a street and getting into a car driven by his wife, according to the court complaint.

If convicted, Murawski and Bennett face a maximum of 30 days in jail and a $500 fine, NBC News reported.

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