It’s too early to ban a type of breast implant recently linked to a rare form of cancer, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration expert panel advised Monday.

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More information is needed to learn more about the issue, the panel said after spending a day reviewing evidence on the risks of breast implants, the Associated Press reported.

The panel didn’t recommend any immediate restrictions on breast implants. Their safety has been a controversial topic for decades.

There is growing evidence that certain breast implants can trigger a rare form of lymphoma that grows in the scar tissue surrounding the breasts. The FDA has identified about 450 cases of the cancer worldwide, including 12 deaths, the AP reported.

Nearly all those cases involved a type of textured implant meant to prevent slipping and to minimize scar tissue.

Estimates of the frequency of the breast implant-related cancer range from 1 in 3,000 women to 1 in 30,000. The FDA said it has also received reports of the disease in smooth implants, which account for most of the U.S. market, the AP reported.

About 400,000 women get breast implants each year in the United States, with 100,000 getting them after breast cancer surgery.

On Tuesday, the same panel will make recommendations on studying and defining the risks of long-term health problems that thousands of women have blamed on breast implants, including rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue and muscle pain, the AP reported.

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