Does the 3 Day Military Diet work? What do the reviews say? Is It Dangerous?

The 3 Day Military Diet plan may be dangerous or at least, harmful to your metabolism. According to Cindy Moore, former director of nutrition therapy at “The Cleveland Clinic, “It is an urban legend that are not healthy diets nutritionally, and the only reason it causes weight loss is because it is so low in calories, not because of any food combinations or metabolic reactions.”

Following a plan with fewer than 1,000 calories a day concerns Moore. “The plan yields about 1,000 calories a day which has the ability to lower metabolism so when you revert back to normal eating, you regain weight even quicker.”

Moore adds that the diet “sets up a vicious cycle of being hungry during the restrictive three days and most likely overeating on the off days.”
Additionally, because the 3 Day Diet is so low in carbohydrates, it’s likely the initial weight loss is primarily water weight, as carbohydrate encourages your body to retain water. As soon as the dieter goes back to consuming a normal amount of carbohydrate, the water weight comes back.

Weight loss is possible on the 3 Day Diet, but only because it is very low in calories. Going back to so-called “normal eating” does little to promote a healthier lifestyle, instead the pattern promotes undesirable yo-yo dieting or an on-again off-again approach to weight management that is not successful long term.

Bottom line? Keep looking for a well-balanced weight loss plan that controls calories every day, including the Meditaranian, Vegetarian, or Vegan, or low-fat diet.

Can exercise help you lose more weight on the 3 Day Military Diet?

Getting more exercise and allows you to eat a wide variety of healthy foods. MyPlate is a good plase to start. Print out a list of foods that you should eat and put on your refrigerator so that the whole family can remember to heat healthy foods. Fad diets promise that you will lose weight fast, howeover; you just don’t get enough calories, electrolytes, and minerals.

not enough to eat a prescribed diet for three days without addressing eating habits that cause weight gain.