I am new to finding out the importance of a healthy gut.  One of my children has been through a world wind of a medical ordeal that continues to change his life therefore changing our entirely family’s lives too. Every day is something new to understand and explore.  One main thing that I know for sure is that traditional doctor’s do not know much about healing the gut.  In my opinion traditional Doctors study medical conditions that require medications as a band aid. Medications are temporary and most of the time harmful to other organs in our body.  I have not heard of a medication that heals.  My son was subjected to several doctors at different times.  He was hospitalized 4 different times so far. Every time the doctors would come into his room asking the same questions over and over again.  Sometimes the head doctor would come with a resident doctor who needed hands on experience.  That meant that everything was going to be repeated again(definitely questions and sometimes test) at my son’s expense.  The doctors would be holding a chart about my son but still ask a ton of repetitive questions. At times it was very frustrating because what they were doing was not solving anything. My son and I were told several times that his symptoms was in his head because they were not able to find anything out of the ordinary.  This meant he had usual symptoms for diagnosis like GERD and allergies but none of which should put him in the hospital over and over.   I would later figure out after thousands of dollars that this meant the doctors were not capable of figuring out what was wrong with my son because his problems derive from something that traditional doctors do not learn about in MED school.  Therefore, we have been strung along and my son has been suffering long enough.  As a mother, I had to   figure out the best way to help and most importantly heal my son.  He has been a test subject for the traditional doctor’s long enough!

Through my own research I am learning that unconventional doctor’s like herbalist, holistic, and naturalist are the specialist that really analyze our gut health.  Gut health seems to be something that is predominantly maintained, reversed, or healed by natural everyday foods and herbs.   I am in the process of finding him a holistic doctor.  But the new hurdle is finding out if our insurance covers unconventional medical treatments. Until then, I have hit the internet for answers so I can be prepared and learn more about what my son is dealing with.  Unfortunately, I am starting over which makes things very confusing and frustrating for my son.  But I continue to reassure him that the end result will give him a lifetime free of most of his health problems he deals with today.  That is something I could not say dealing with the traditional doctors. My research so far is very encouraging and informative!  I just want to share that our body is amazing in the way that it works and recovers based on how we fuel it.  I am learning that most of us take care of our car better than we take care of our body! We do regular tune ups, alignments, tire changes, etc.  But when it comes to our bodies, we keep pushing and pushing past its threshold.  Then we take medication to make the pains and aches go away so we can continue to abuse our body, instead of dealing with the signs our body continues to give us.  Some people can abuse their body longer than others before they begin to see any red flags then of which will turn into full blown health problems.  Thankfully, the world’s craze about getting healthier naturally is spreading like a wild fire!  There is more and more information on the internet, television, schools, etc. every day.  My advise would be to take advantage of this free information and begin to learn more about the every day foods and herbs available to us that can ultimately give us longevity of life as we all are looking for.

Of course, it’s still a matter of learning what your body can and can not tolerate then making adjustments after trials.  Just because its natural, does not mean our body will accept it immediately or even ever.  Most of our bodies have been through a lot of abuse!  Therefore, somethings make take months and sometimes years to repair if at all.  Healing naturally requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice and discipline.  Remember we have grown in a world of quick fixes or lifetime medications. None of which, will help any of us in the long run.  Don’t get me wrong, traditional doctor’s are helpful for somethings.  Long term natural health is not easy to obtain. We must learn to wrap our heads around the importance of food and herbs instead of abusing. The bottom line is discipline combined with natural food and herbs will determine how much healing we can provide for our body!