Climate change could alter the proportion of male and female babies, according to researchers.

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They said more boys could be born in regions where temperatures rise and fewer boys born in areas with other climate change-caused environmental changes, such as droughts or wildfires, CNN reported.

A recent Japanese study found a connection between temperature fluctuations and a lower male-to-female sex ratio at birth, with conceptions of boys especially vulnerable to external stress factors, wrote study lead author Misao Fukuda, founder of the M&K Health Institute.

In a study published last summer, Fukuda and his colleagues found a decline in male babies born in Japan after earthquakes. Nine months after the earthquakes, the proportion of male babies born in affected areas were 6 percent to 14 percent lower than in the previous year, CNN reported.

Those findings supports the theory that major stress affects gestation, which in turn alters the newborn sex ratio, Fukuda and his co-authors wrote.

Stress stemming directly from “climate events caused by global warming” might also affect the sex ratio, Fukuda wrote in an email, CNN reported.

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