ADHD sufferers don’t need to cause yourself heart-gripping pressure when going on vacation. Instead, create a checklist and make sure to check each item off before departure.

Vacations are unwinding parts from the real world, isn’t that so? Not on the off chance that you have ADHD. At that point, vacation time is run-like mindless monkey time. It’s worry time. It’s overlooked stuff time. What’s more, it happens before you depart.

When you reach your last stop, you’ll be tormented by blame and regret as you raced to the store to spend more cash to purchase more things you shouldn’t have overlooked. Or, learn about a fancy restaurant when the entire family takes off for an extravagant meal and you didn’t pack anything fancier than a shirt. Or, feel embarrassed when you remembered everything except for your telephone charger, and you’re on an island, and they don’t offer your telephone charger anyplace.

You may require some assistance immediately and we have some tips to make your experience enjoyable.

1.  Plan two weeks to a month ahead of time

Jot down the activities in your organizer, alongside the significant telephone numbers, and afterward do it. These activities incorporate securing pet sitters, retaining house sitters, holding your mail, refill prescriptions and any critical arrangements you’ll need in the midst of planning your trip. You needn’t bother with these very late scrambles.

2.  Begin cleaning your living space way ahead of time

Getting back home to an untidy house is just nasty. Or then again, in case you’re similar to us, you have to clean for the house sitter. That is a considerable measure of work when you have ADHD, you’re inclined to mess and more mess, and inclined to “do it tomorrow.” Instead, split your house keeping projects into days and complete each in any order you feel is necessary. However, you must complete each task.  If you don’t think you will be able to complete each task, seek the assistance of a reputable house cleaning service in your area.  Ask your neighbors for referrals bearing in mind they may have had a favorable experience in the past.

3.  Unscramble the medication circumstance

Since its illegal for pharmacies to fill some medicines out-of-state, you should ensure you have enough to last the entire trip.  If not, call your local pharmacy or use your mobile app on your smartphone and request a refill immediately. If you’ve exhausted all remaining refills, contact your doctor to request one or more and have them send it to your pharmacy for processing.  Occasionally this process can take several days due to the doctors office calling your insurance company for approval.  Then, follow up with the pharmacy to guarantee your refill will be ready prior to departure.

Next, pack everything else up in a different bag and place it in your toiletry pack in case you’re driving or suitcase in case you’re flying. Try not to fly without taking your medication as part of your carryon luggage otherwise you risk the chance of arriving and discover the carrier lost your suitcase and you’re without your medication a long way from home for an extended period of time.

4.  Split everything into groupings

You require a considerable number of things in your life to work. You can’t simply sit down and jot down notes of everything.  It’s easier to put things into groupings to ensure nothing is forgotten.  Begin with anything electronics, since nobody can live without them.  Just think, you go on vacation only to discover the beautiful tropical oasis doesn’t sell the type of adapter you need for your phone, camera or even toothbrush.  Believe me, I’ve done it a few times and its not pretty brushing your teeth the old fashion way.  It makes me feel dirty and I tend to brush longer and more often regrettably.  Sometime as much as eight times in a day which can be time consuming particularly if you are on a set schedule.

Don’t forget, you may need to list cosmetics, face stuff, nail polish, nail polish remover, a few razors or even stuff for the shower.  Far more than I’m willing to admit, I’ve overlooked many vital items on the list but if you follow my advice, you will be well prepared.

5.  Set aside a few outfits to wear

Determining what to wear when you go on vacation can be a difficult decision for anyone with ADHD. Things to consider:

  • What type of events will you attend
  • Will you have access to a washing machine and/or dryer
  • Does your clothing need to be laundered
  • What type of weather or temperature is expected
  • What type of outfit is essential
  • How many outfits should I pack (important)
  • How many days is my trip

Next, set the various combinations of outfits on your bed to get an idea what goes together.  Why pack a shirt that only matches a single pair of shorts or pants?  The goal is to create as many “outfits” as possible while minimizing the number of individual items.

Additionally, shoes, socks and one or more belts play an important role in deciding which combination of outfits go together.  If you are like me, I need a different pair of shoes and a matching belt for each outfit which often increases the number of suitcases which isn’t cost effective.  That is why it’s important to pack matching outfits which includes the entire outfit.

Hopefully you didn’t forget to include your underwear which we all tend to pack either far too little or none at all.  In the event you packed far too little as most of us tend to do, they can be easily hand washed in the privacy of your bathroom and drip dried in minutes.  However, most people with ADHD tend to pack more than necessary but that can be fixed using our simple approach.

6.  Line up the bathroom toiletries

Get a small inexpensive pouch from your local store like Walmart for around $5.  Then, line up your soaps, lotions, toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, shower cap, combs, brushes and hair dryer on your bathroom counter.  Most hotels provide complementary products but often time they aren’t compatible with your skin as I’ve experienced previously.  So, I like to pack my own items but not go overboard in the event the hotel has compatible products.

Keep in mind the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) has measures to control the amount of fluids you can bring on an airplane, and don’t pack stuff in your portable that abuses it.

Allowable toiletries according to the TSA

  • Liquids and Gels
You may only carry on liquids and gels that are in 3.4-ounce containers or smaller. Liquids include toiletries such as shampoo, after-shave, hand or body lotion, mouthwash and liquid makeup. Toiletries often found in gel form include toothpaste, deodorant and lip balm or lipstick. Transfer liquids and gels to smaller containers if the original package contains more than 3.4 ounces, or purchase special travel sizes. You can’t take a large toothpaste tube with only a little left in it, or half a large bottle of shampoo. Additionally, all your bottles of liquids and gels must fit in a single 1-quart plastic bag.
  • Makeup
Liquid foundation, liquid eye liner, mascara, lip balm, cream blush, lip stick and any other makeup in liquid or gel form has to meet the 3.4-ounce container limit and must fit in a 1-quart plastic bag. Powdered or pressed makeup, baby powder, talcum powder and other toiletries that aren’t in a liquid or gel form aren’t regulated. Pack them in your carry on as you wish.
  • Accessories
Disposable razors and their cartridges are the only types of razors permitted in your carry-on luggage. Razor-type blades, such as box cutters, utility knives, and safety razor blades, are only allowed in checked luggage. You may also carry nail clippers and nail scissors with blades shorter than 4 inches. Don’t pack knives or large scissors. If you need batteries for a toothbrush, razor or other item, these are allowed in your carry-on luggage.
  • Packing Tips
Each traveler is allowed one 1-quart plastic bag for liquids and gels. You must remove this bag from your carry-on luggage at the security checkpoint for screening. Pack the bag where it’s easy to get to. If you’re traveling with liquid medications in containers that are larger than 3.4 ounces, syringes or supplemental oxygen, you should remove these items from your luggage at the security checkpoint and allow the TSA agent to inspect it.

If you plan on bringing larger items on the trip, please put them in your suitcase otherwise you risk losing them when you go through security.

7.  The morning or night of the trip, pack stuff you couldn’t pack beforehand

Look at the list you created previously and start checking items off that you couldn’t pack because you either ran out or needed to use them to prepare for the day.  Then, check items off as you add them to your travel bag or luggage.

Don’t do what I did by running hysterically all over the place as most ADHD sufferers tend to do and forget, which ultimately caused me to leave everything.

8.  You’ve overlooked something

It’s only a question of what. So, double check your list by physically touching each item and ensure they are checked off.  Last year I promised my kids to pack their Sony PlayStation 4, controllers and several games.  Unfortunately, I forgot the controllers and ultimately had to spend over $150 US for two new wireless vibrating glow-in-the-dark PS4 controllers which was unplanned but a necessity.

Getting away doesn’t need to cause heart-gripping pressure by any stretch of the imagination. Simply following the steps outlined in this article with help anyone regardless if they suffer from ADHD or not be prepared and lead to an unforgettable trip where the memories last forever.

We’d love to hear your stories and feedback in the comments section below.